Vulnerability Assessments, School Safety Security & Physical Security Consulting

  • Vulnerability Assessments of Airports/Buildings

Vulnerability Assessments

We conduct vulnerability assessments for public facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, churches, schools and airports while providing recommendations to improve physical security, enhance personal protection and defend against targeted acts of violence. Our vulnerability assessment experience has been used to conduct assessments on airports and businesses throughout the United States as well as internationally.

  • School Safety Security

School Safety Security Consulting

We are Subject Matter Experts consulting in campus and school threat assessment training. We advise school resource officers in threat assessments and management, and guide campus and school threat assessment teams in developing effective programs to prevent acts of targeted violence. We also advise that threat assessments must be an integral part of a system that fosters a safe, supportive, and effective school environment, which is characterized by trust between students and adults, respect for others, parent involvement, and collaboration between school and community.

  • Physical Security and Access Control

Physical Security Consulting

When conducting physical security, you may want to implement creating a viable physical security strategy, which would depend on the specifics of the companies’ premises and your core business. We have successfully conducted more than 50 assessments at a wide variety of different types of corporate and aviation facilities over the past 15 years. This assessment process is constantly evolving, allowing us to take advantage of lessons learned from previous assessments, and to keep up with the latest security best practices.

During my Security Assessment, we explain how all aspects of your security program are examined, any weaknesses that are identified, and suggestions for security improvements are made. In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient are identified.

Stacey D. Porter is a retired law enforcement leader and an innovative change agent with over 20+ years of experience with a discipline in aviation and dignitary security.

With a major focus on Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Vulnerability Assessments, Physical Security, Access Control, and School Safety Security, he is a highly flexible individual valued for an ability to execute in a fast-paced, demanding environment requiring strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

As a confident, energetic, and resourceful team builder, Stacey possesses outstanding communication skills with strong management and leadership skills with the ability to motivate professionals and maximize levels of productivity.

Overall, Stacey Porter has a strong passion for Security, while continuously seeking opportunities to learn and share his knowledge and dedication to the security industry.

—‘Sec_rity is not complete without U’

Stacey D. Porter