Porter Global Security, LLC can provide routine school campus Security Assessments. These Security, Threat or Vulnerability Assessments should be part of any responsible school campus administrative program. Issues routinely overlooked could leave schools vulnerable to lawsuits, damage, theft and possible violence.

What to expect when a Security Assessment is conducted at your facility:



A physical inspection of the campus or building(s) will be conducted to Identify what physical security procedures, policies, and systems are currently in place, such as:

  • Fencing and physical barricades
  • Ingress and Egress security
  • Current use of SRO’s (School Resource Officers) and if not used, determine if and where needed
  • Visitor screening, record keeping and badging
  • Use of permanent ID System and temporary ID Passes
  • Electronic Security Systems Integration
  • Existing Access Control – including door locking systems, CCTV, Intrusion Detection

Identification of physical barriers, obstructions or issues that may inhibit natural surveillance and the ability to see what’s going on and natural access control (the ability to control who gets in and out) will be conducted

  • Any history of problems that might influence decisions about what is needed will be identified. This might include a history of violence at the schools, the degree of possible gang presence, the frequency with which weapons are involved, ongoing group or individual problems, the number of behavioral referrals or other red flags.
  • The local vicinity and neighborhood for problem areas in an effort to identify what risks and opportunities may pose in areas directly adjoining school property may be inspected.



  • A review of your Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) that may be in place, and if non-existent, implement the appropriate systems
  • A review of current lockdown and evacuation procedures and if non-existent, identify capabilities in classrooms and other locations

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