Leading Through Change ~ Post-Pandemic Travel

Ashley Davis with PunchAlert has partnered with Stacey Porter with Porter Global Security LLC and Michelle Dawkins with SafetyMD LLC to educate and empower communities to lead through change for post-pandemic travel during our webinar series. This webinar is titled Educating and Empowering with OSHA Standards, Laws and Regulations covered the following:

  • Impact of the pandemic on individuals and businesses
  • Best practices on protecting yourself and others from COVID-19 while travelling
  • Understanding high risk vs low risk to best prepare yourself for travel

Subject Matter Expert and Special Guest Michelle Dawkins has been a certified trainer for over 25 years. She has spent the last 15 years specializing in occupational safety and health, both as a trainer and consultant. She is a trainer who has a passion for worker education & training. Her experience covers several areas including construction industries, chemical companies, environmental remediation, manufacturing, department of transportation shipping and handling of hazardous materials, risk management in automotive and related industries. Her subject matter expertise encompasses the following:

  • HAZWOPER/DOT Hazardous Waste
  • Training, Disaster Preparedness Training, Workplace Health & Safety Training,
  • Consumer Safety Awareness Training Workshops, and a Microbiologist.

During the webinar Michelle Dawkins discussed the standards, laws, and regulations on the new travel environment during COVID-19. Stacey Porter is a high-level security professional leader with more than 20 years of federal experience managing security personnel in the aviation and security industry. Working as a liaison with public/private sector organizations at the local, state, national, and international levels. He has a broad background in vulnerability assessment and mitigation, security planning, threat and risk assessment, and investigative management operations. He has excellent communication skills with the flexibility to adapt to constantly shifting security priorities. During the webinar Stacey Porter discussed the importance of safety measures that the airline industry has implemented to ensure the safety of the traveling public during post-pandemic travel. The purpose of this webinar series is to allow everyone to understand how the tourism industry is leading through change, and how the tourism industry can continue to strive towards global safety and health by helping people realize the importance of safety in their individual communities.

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