Traveling Post-Pandemic

If you’re planning a trip start thinking ahead about alternate flight options or moving your vacation around if you get an alert about severe weather and receive a travel waiver. Cool options like, which can give you information about your inbound aircraft, delays impacting your arrival or departure airports, and an overview of general air traffic in a region, so you can gain some insight before the airline posts information about whether or not your flight will be delayed.

Travel tips you may want to consider are to prepare to be hungry. Pack some extra snacks with you in case there are long lines at concessions or if your airline is not serving your favorite food items. You may end up having a tight connection that limits your ability to grab a bite to eat.

Flying in 2021 has been a different experience. Planes appear to be full again. Food and beverage are starting to come back, though not everywhere and uniformly. Airport concessions may be understaffed or closed. As it relates to security, we’re seeing more unruly passengers. Some may be people who are frustrated and acting out. However, safety comes first, so airlines and crew will tend to resort to prioritizing physical safety.

Furthermore, global security and terrorism is a huge and ever-present threat to the airline industry and seeks to harm the safety and harmony of all operations and restricting the freedom of travel. Using aviation as a terror target is appealing to bad actors because of the massive impact it can cause, with a potentially huge fatality level, and global media coverage and exposure. Aviation-centric terrorism has been around for decades and has affected many countries, with victims from a huge variety of nationalities globally. Ensuring that our nation’s airports are continuously providing the necessary security will assist in cutting down and possibly eliminating global security and terrorism.

The aviation industry is inherently reactive, in that we learn from mistakes to ensure that bad things don’t repeat themselves, which 9/11 was no different. This changed the whole security protocol of global aviation. Airports all around the world adopted much stricter security procedures, such as more stringent security checks and tighter surveillance.

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